Sunday, January 29, 2012

Warung Wulan

Warung is a small food stall. Usually it is located along the street. Here in Indonesia there are many illegal semi-permanent until permanent food stalls located just along the main street. The warung that i'm going to tell you is a different warung since it's actually a restaurant. I think the owner wants to be more down to earth so that she/he named the place warung. Wulan is "moon" in Javanese. Many Javaenese women are named Wulan, maybe it's like Luna which derives from lunar.

Anyway, a friend of mine told me about this Warung Wulan and i decided to visit the place. I've visited this place more than 5 timPublish Postes already. In Surabaya the restaurant is located in Jalan Ratna. Then it opened another branch near my neighborhood in Buntaran. Buntaran is an area of many warehouses, truck garages, and it's near factories. So i was quite surprised too knowing that there's a quite fancy place here. I don't know what's the owner consideration to choose such area to open the business.

The place opens at about 10:30 a.m and it closes at 7 p.m. The warung is so large so that 200 guests can some and enjoy the food here. It's cool and comfy inside. The room is provided with AC and you can also hear traditional music. The music really creates a good ambiance.

Warung Wulan is an Indonesian food buffet restaurant. With IDR 15,000 or $2 you can enjoy the food plus the dessert. You have to pay more for the beverage. The food is nice, recommended. And since it's a buffet restaurant so you have to be smart enough to arrange the food in your plate, BUT you cannot have another extra meal. You can just take the food once from the display table.

Here's my plate once i visited the warung. Since it's all Indonesian food which sometimes can't be easily describe in English,  i hope i can explain it well.

  1. Soup
  2. Rempeyek
  3. Stir-fried baby kailan
  4. Pangsit goreng (fried pangsit / fried wonton)
  5. Rempah kelapa ( is made of grated coconut  and mixed with spices and eggs and then fried)
  6. Stir-fried bean
  7. Pepes Ikan

And for the drink, my favorite is mung bean juice. It's yum. Mung bean is not my fav, but in this warung they can make a nice and yum juice.

You can choose sweet porridge or fresh fruit as the dessert. The warung's sweet porridge are nice. Usually they serve Bubur Mutiara  (pearl sago porridge which is mixed with coconut milk)or Bubur Sagu (sagu porridge, served with coconut milk t) as few choices of porridge. The porridge is so yum. I can't stop saying how nice the porridge is. You won't regret it.

For your information, the menu is changed day by day. I guess it's a tactic to make the customers keep wondering what they'll have in the following day. It won't make the customer bored too.

So, if you have time to visit Surabaya, just come to Warung Wulan @Jalan Buntaran Manukan Wetan check this site to find the location on the map.

Bon appetit!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Maahi Ve

I'm not a fan of Indian songs but definitely i'm a fan of nice songs, from whatever country they are. I tried to sleep at this 1:34 am but instead of trying to close my eyes i browse some videos on YouTube and i remember my favorite Hindi song. This one is taken from Kal Ho Na Ho movie song. The song called "Maahi Ve "
So this time here i bring you the video. This is one of the best songs ever. I really wanna dance, in fact i wanna have an Indian boyfriend, so i can dance all night long wearing my sari LOL
(get the lyric of the song here)


Last Sunday I went to the Arabic Neighborhood (Kampung Arab) Ampel in the north of Surabaya. I actually wanted to try Indian food as mentioned by a friend in from blog, Mbak Tantri. As she suggested I had to go to Ampel and walk through the small alleys.

I’ve checked on my google map to find about the restaurant location, at Jalan Sasak 15 Surabaya.  I went to my sister’s place first by bemo, then we went to Jembatan Merah Plaza. This shopping centre is located near the legendary Red Bridge. We could reach the neighborhood by becak for aout 7 to 10 thousand for two persons. But, since it’s Sunday morning and I was on my adventure mood I decided to walk and enjoy the old city of Surabaya.

I passed Jalan Panggung, after the Red Bridge. Along this one way street I could find old abandoned houses. They’re in the art-deco style, just like Dutch and Chinese houses in the past. Most of the houses were left empty and unwell managed. After walking for less than 10 minutes I smelled fishy disgusting smell. It’s the fish market, Pasar Pabean. It was 10 in the morning and the the market is still close. I and my sister kept walking along the small street. There were some men in sarongs, maybe they’re students in madrasah (Islamic School in Ampel area).  The Arabic area is famous of its Islamic tradition, custom, and also the Sunan Ampel mosque and grave. Sunan is a great Islam teacher and he spread Islam in the ancient time in Java.

At the end of Jalan Panggung, I found T-junction of Jalan Sasak, the place where I should head to, and big street of Jalan K.H Mas Mansyur. I crossed the street while keep refusing many becak drivers who offered us to take their becak.  Jalan Sasak is just like Jalan Panggung. A small narrow street. I passed many Islamic books and holy Qur’an sellers. I also passed some Arab perfume sellers. Along the street I met many Arabic. They’re not native Arabic, they’re the generations who were born and raised in the city, Surabaya.

Right in the street bend, I found an old green ornamented cement gate. It is the gate to the Sunan Ampel Mosque area. I passed and kept walking to find the restaurant. Unfortunately it was close. I called the Indian restaurant owner, since he put his mobile phone number on the billboard, and he said the chef was sick. So…in a big grief I walked to the mosque area.

After entering the main gate,  I actually entering the market zone. There were many shops which sells Arabic clothes, food, nuts, accessories, etc. Then I remembered my student who told me about a place to make temporary tattoo using hena. Hena is a natural ink which can be applied in our skin or hair. It last for 2-3 weeks after applied.  I walked slowly and try to find the shop. The shop name is “Amir Hamzah”. It’s not specialized in temporary hena tattoo making, but it’s a shop which sells sarong, kopyah (cap), sajadah (praying mat),  arabic tea set, dates, and other Arabic souvenirs.

It’s written in the poster that they have Mahendi (the hena tattoo) artist. It opens from 9 a.m to 8 p.m. But it’s for ladies only. I searched on nice pattern for my hands. It’s cheap. This is the best news :D. Most pattern costs 10,000 rupiah only. Years ago when I was in Jogja I should pay for 35,000 rupiah for a very simple tattoo. I regret  this a lot!

Anyway, here’s my tattoo and the making process. The lady, the artist, is so skillful in applying hena. She copied the pattern based on what I chose from the pattern album. And within less than 10 minutes I got my both hands beautifully painted by her. The result? Beautiful tattoos. Should come here again when mine has faded away.
Applying hena - the ink to my hand

The result

Happy Holidays

It's late for the greeting now. But a postcard is always memorable. I received a postcard from Eret, she's Estonian. She sent me 4 postcards in a beautiful envelopes, i think she made the envelope by herself. I'm lucky. She sent me lovely cards. This one is what she wrote for me in one of the postcard. Thank you so much my dearest Eret. Wherever you are, God bless you always.

Beautiful envelope from Eret. I think she made it by herself. What a talented lady :D. I blurred our address.

Beautiful snowy postcard. Too bad Eret didn't translate the Estonian word on this postcard. 

Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg putih bersalju
Dari jauh aku mengagumimu

Terletak di Sungai Neva, di ujung teluk Finlandia di Laut Baltik
Istimewa, temuan Peter Sang Agung nan ayu menggelitik

Dulu kala jadi ibu kota, sekarang jadi  pusat budaya Eropa
Jadi rumah museum seni terbesar dunia
Jadi rumah warga Rusia

Di kartu pos ini aku nampak katedral agungmu
The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood tertulis di balik lembarmu
Sungai Moika tertulis di situ
Aku tak nampak jelas tapi kutahu
Moika menambah indah pesonamu
Jembatan Teatralny nampak menungguku

Suatu hari aku akan berdiri di sisimu
Menatap indahnya langit biru
Di Saint Petersburg di hari Rabu
Entah di musim panas bermandi keringat dan debu
Atau di musim dingin bersepatu boot bermantel tebal kelabu
Akan aku kunjungi dirimu

My First Postcard

I got my first postcard from Tel-tel. She's a Japanese. She sent me a very beautiful postcard of image on old Japanese wood block print which is also called UKIYOE. I received it around late September. It's really made my day. I also like the stamps pasted on the postcard. I've got a stamp with picture of bee on a pink flower and also a stamp of a boy and a girl on a bucket of potatoes.

My second postcard in the same month came from China. To my surprise the sender is a high school boy from Xi'an. I should encourage my students to do this project too. It's good for students to do this since it'll help them to learn other cultures, practice English, and also postcrossing will help them to love their country more.

This boy, which i forgot his name, said in the postcard that his grandma has been to Indonesia. She loves Indonesia very much -> another prove why postcrossing makes someone loves the country more ^_^

I love the postcard! It shows beautiful painting of beautiful Chinese lady. It seems like this painting is vintage. Best of all, i like the ladies shoes. I think they're wonderful. Just wonderful :D
Last but not least, the stamps. As always another beautiful stamps from China, beautiful birds stamp and also a globe-coin look alike which i believe has a special meaning.

Postcrossing, Postcards connecting the world

Mengoleksi kartu pos telah menjadi hobi baru saya sejak akhir tahun 2011. Saya mengenal tentang kegiatan bertukar kartu pos scara acak dengan orang-orang di seluruh dunia melalui sebuah blog yang saya sudah lupa alamat blognya.

Dengan mendaftar di situs saya bisa mulai bertukar kartu pos dengan orang-orang lain anggota situs ini. Caranya mudah saja,
  • 1.       Kunjungi situs postcrossing.
  • 2.       Isi formulir keanggotaan
  • 3.       Klik create your account
  • 4.       Setelah berhasil menjadi anggota klik send a postcard. Ketika Anda mengeklik perintah ini maka Anda meminta alamat untuk dikirimi kartu pos. Untuk anggota baru Anda bisa mengirim sampai ke 5 alamat
  • 5.       Setelah itu Anda akan mendapat alamat dan nama pengirim lengkap dengan profilnya. Biasanya para anggota punya keinginan untuk mendapat kartu pos tertentu. Jika memungkinkan kirimi orang tersebut sesuai dengan permintaannya.
  • 6.       Data kartu pos yang terkirim, jarak dan waktu tempuhnya bisa dilihat di link “sent postcard”
  • 7.       Beli kartu pos
  • 8.       Tempel perangko Rp. 5000,- (untuk pengiriman ke seluruh dunia)
  • 9.       Tulis kode yang harus Anda cantumkan pada kartu pos. Kode ini otomatis Anda dapatkan ketika meminta alamat untuk dikirimi kartu pos. Kodenya berubah, tidak sama unjtuk tiap kartu pos yang Anda kirimkan. Kode adalah pengenal untuk kartu pos yang Anda kirim. Nantinya penerima kartu pos akan mendaftarkan kartu pos yang dia terima dari Anda.
  • 10.   Tunggu kartu pos sampai di tangan penerima sampai  terdaftar, nanti Anda akan mendapatkan e-mail pemberitahuan di inbox e-mail pribadi Anda.

Sambil menunggu kartu pos Anda sampai biasanya Anda bisa menerima kartu pos dari anggota postcrosser lain dan biasanya lebih cepat sampai daripada kartu pos Anda yang berkeliling dunia entah ke mana. Mungkin karena sistem pengiriman dari negara-negara Eropa lebih maju jadi kartu pos lebih cepat datang. Berdasarkan pengalaman saya kartu pos dari Eropa Timur seperti Belarus dan Rusia paling lama sampai. Kartu pos dari negara Eropa lain seperti Belanda sampai dalam waktu kurang lebih 14-16 hari, begitu pula dari Amerika.
Jadi, tunggu apalagi? Ayo mulai berkirim kartu pos dan kabarkan keindahan negara kita, Indonesia pada seluruh orang di dunia.