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Bakpao is originally a Chinese steamed bun. Chinese fills bakpao with pork, but in Indonesia bakpao is filled with chicken, meat, strawberry, peanuts, and my favorite mung bean.

There is a famous bakpao vendor in the city called "Chik Yen". It is labelled "halal" and the price is cheap. My favorite the mung bean bakpao cost only IDR 2500. It's the only bakpao that i love since i was a kid till now. I don't like any other filling.

The best part of bakpao to me is the bun itself. If it's possible i want to eat the bun with no filled inside. Wondering where i can get that. I think i have to make it by myself than. The cute shape of this bun makes me want to pinch and eat it..yumm

Arabic Culinary

This is the entrance of the Sunan Ampel mosque
When you're in Surabaya don't forget to stop by at the Arabic Neighborhood. Well if you're a fan of Islamic - Arabic area. It is located near Jembatan Merah Plaza with famous mosque called Masjid Sunan Ampel. Many pilgrims visit this place.

What fascinated me is of course the food. Arabic food. There was one simple, tiny place which fit for less than 25 people i think in Jalan K.H Mas Mansyur. The restaurant sells Arabic food, its name is "Yaman Kuliner" (Yemen Culinary). It's so easy to find this place. If you're at Jembatan Merah Plaza just go straight to the Chinese gate (Kya-Kya), ignored all the offers from becak drivers and follow your legs to walk along the old neighborhood. You'll find a narrow street next to the river and soon you'll smell stinky fishy smell it means you're near Pabean the fish market. Just go straight and you'll see many old houses build with Dutch and Chinese architecture. This street is called Jalan Panggung. About 200 meters you'll reach the end of this street and you'll find a junction - the big street is called Jalan Kyai Haji Mas Mansyur. Cross the street and find the restaurant near the junction on your left.

The restaurant is next to the other Arabic restaurant. Don't lose your way make sure that you enter the right restaurant with banner in front of the restaurant "Yaman Kuliner". The owner is not a friendly lady. But she's quite quiet so you won't lose your appetite. Sometimes she speaks loudly on he mobile phone like there's no one at her restaurant.

I recommend you to try Nasi Kebuli, Nasi Briyani, and Gule Maryam. Nasi = rice is cooked with some spices..i love the spices. If you're a fan of Indian food this won;t surprise you. The side pickles which is a mix of sliced cucumber, shallot, and pineapple is fresh and tasty.

This is Nasi Kebuli
The rice is cooked with special spices.
The lamb chops are huge, soft anf yummy. This food is highly recommended
The price is about IDR 24,000. There are two types of Nasi Kebuli you can choose with lamb or chicken

This is Nasi Briyani
My sister had this dish
It's nice since she doesn't like lamb she chose chicken
As you can see the chicken chop was also "fine"
The price is for about IDR 22,000

The famous Arabic food is of course lamb, but i assure you that the lamb here is moist, well-cooked, and not smelly. They know very well how to cook the lamb so it won't leave goat breath on your mouth :D

Kambing Oven Jumbo Madu
I also tried this huge Honey Baked Lamb (Kambing Oven Madu). It's huge (Jumbo size) enaugh for 3 people. But i was a little bit upset because i thought I could taste honey, sweet and tasty but i think the lamb is just okay. The lamb is served with the sauce, it looks like  sate sauce but without peanuts. It's quite expensive. It is IDR 59,000 for this huge lamb ( I think what I ate was the lamb's thigh part).
The texture of the lamb is great, it's tender and well-cooked. The restaurant served it on a hot plate also equipped with cutlery (knive and fork).

The sauce was not special. As you can see below it is exactly like sate's sauce. I eas expecting something more :(
There were also shallot slices, chili, and lemon. honey in the sauce. Or maybe there was somethingw rong with my tongue? Not sure but I give 8 for the lamb and 5 for the sauce. Quite sad since it's pricey.

Another food that i had was Tongseng Ayam. Tongseng is goat (lamb) meat or beef stew dishes in curry-like soup with vegetables and kecap manis (sweet soy sauce).At that time the restaurant was running out of lamb whatsoever so that I could only order chicken. So then I had my chicken tongseng. It was nice with light spices. This one is Javanese rather than Arabic food. 

There were slices of cabbage and tomatoes in the soup. The chicken was fried first then added to the soup. The chicken was over-cooked so that they become bit hard. The price for a portion is IDR 35,000 and I got for about 8 chops of chicken in the soup. So it's quite worthy for the taste and the price.

I had my tongseng with rice, a plate of rice is IDR 5,000 in a quite big portion. I can assure you that the rice portion is bigger than any other fancy restaurant :D
Tongseng Ayam

  • Go to "Yaman Kuliner" restaurant at about 10 a.m in the morning so that you can try many kind of "nasi". I recommend Nasi Kebuli and Nasi Briyani. I don't recommend Nasi Buchori cause it tastes like normal fried rice-but sweeter.
  • Take the seat near the entrance since the palce is so small and the owner has only one standing non waving fan.
  • When you take the seat near the entrance (long table with 6 chairs) be ready to get the flying ashes since they barbecued sate next to your seat)
  • Don't come too late in the afternoon. Even if the place opens from 10 in the morning til 10 in the evening they run out favorite menu at noon so that you are "forced" to get non-favorite menu or pricey one like Kambing Oven and Tongseng.
  • They sell other food like fried chicken with sambal but since it's Yaman Kuliner try to taste the Arabic Food.
Good luck!!


First day of Ramadan review:

  1.  The beginning of Ramadan this year  was marked differently by 2 Islam mass organization here in Indonesia. One started fasting on 20th July and the other on 21st. I was at first join the 20th but since I was sick so I joined the 21st.
  2.  I was sick quite bad because of the flu, fever, and cough..pretty much my body is poisoned by the sleeping pills. All I’ve done in the past 3 days were just sleeping and eating and sleeping. My body reacted slowly to the pills. 4-5 hours after took the pills I felt so so sleepy. It was not good at all.
  3.  There was less people sell food at the beginning of Ramadan. I had nothing left at home to cook so I relied to the food sellers, unlucky me the place were all closed. So I just had fried chicken and rice. Going to hunt more food after the Tarawih tonight. I hope I won’t let down by the meatball seller.
  4.  I felt so good in my first day of fasting. I was not too greedy on food. I ate less very small portion but it seemed that my tummy is in its good condition...I’d give more space to it before digesting another main dish. I love my 3 days early Ramadan holiday..It gives me more time to sleep though I was almost desperately bored. Weird thing is at time like this instead of having much imagination and creativity (like what I used to have in my working hours) I’m lack of them. I don’t wanna do anything. Just being so lazy and unproductive..this is so not good.
  5.  I’m to lazy to go to the mosque so I will pray Tarawih at home.
  6. The weather was so hot today. Just stay at home has caused my skin dry...wondering how I’d be melted by the sun rise if I wandering to the city..hell no I won’t try that :D
  7. Today’s food

a.       Cheap crispy fried chicken that I shud avoid because doctor’s order is to avoid fried dishes, but because there’s no food variation I finally bought the fried chicken. I bought 3 pieces, each one used to be IDR 3500 and last night was IDR 4000 each. Oh yeah IDR 500 raise in price.
I ate 1,5 piece last night and I left half for today. Wished that I could eat the chicken with Rawon – the black soup but no food seller is open. sigh….

b.      Meatball. I miss soup. Even yesterday I had meatball with the students I want another meatball. I hope the old Jepara origin man sells his meatball tonight. Put my finger crossed

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Postcard from China (People Republic of China)

From Zhaowei - China

From Tian - China

Ornamental Column of the Sacred Path
From Lu - China

Lijiang Old Town in Yunnan
From Yu - Kunming, China

Postcard from Hungary

Postcard from South Korea

Traditional South Korean House
From Yun - South Korea

Postcard from Vietnam

A tiny postcard depicts the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum where the body of the ex president is kept
From Gloria - Vietnam

Postcard from Brazil

Procession of typical Baianas
From Daniel - Brazil

Postcard from Moldova

Soroca Fortress
From Eugen - Moldova

Postcard from Slovakia

Postcard from Lithuania

From Regina - Lithuania

Postcards from Poland

From Wojciech - Poland

From Wojciech - Poland

Wojska Polskiego Museum - Warsaw
From Justyne - Slovakia

From Justyne - Slovakia

From Justyne - Slovakia

Postcards from Chile

Rapa Nui - Isla de Pascua - Chile
From Ignacio - Chile

General Carrera Lake- The Largest Lake
From Karina - Santiago, Chile

Beautiful Valparaiso - A city harbor in Chile
From Oriana - Chile

Postcard from Portugal

From Anna - Portugal

Postcards from Japan

Japanese Ukiyoe
From Teruko Noda - Japan

The view of Enoshima-Island from Inamuragasaki
From Kenji - Japan

Postcards from Lesotho

From Khotso - Lesotho

From Khotso - Lesotho

Postcard from France

Eiffel Tower
From Annabelle - Nantes, France

Beautiful l'Ardeche
From Esther on her holiday to France

Postcards from Hong Kong

Hong Kong the international financial centre
From Wilson - Hong Kong

The Parade of Na Tcha Festival in the Rda Palha
From Hei - Macau

Sun Wukong in "Uproar in Heaven" (Nao Tian Gong)
From Laura - Hong Kong

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Postcard from Latvia

From Natalie - Riga, Latvia

Postcard from Belgium

From Chris - Belgium
Geel, St, Dimpnakerk
From Yoke - Belgium

Postcards from Luxembourg

From Elvire - Luxembourg

From Elvire - Luxembourg

From Elvire - Luxembourg

From Elvire - Luxembourg

From Elvire - Luxembourg

Postcard from Taiwan (Republic of China)

From Cecilia - Taiwan

Postcards from Malaysia

Genting Resort

From Nurul - Malaysia

Postcard from Greece

Petra Tou Romiou (Rock of the Greek) or Aphrodite's Rock
From Nekozawakun - Greece

Postcard from Slovenia

Interesting places in Slovenia
From Darja - Slovenia