Monday, July 16, 2012

Postcards from U.S.A

Alaskan brown bear cubs
From Dakota - New Jersey, U.S.A

The annual fireworks and laser light show of the Kentucky Derby Festival
From Meredith - Louisville, U.S.A

Las Vegas - Gaming Capital of The World
From The Hayashi Cousins - Las Vegas, U.S.A

From Sadie - Florida, U.S.A

From Sadie - Florida, U.S.A

From Sadie - Florida, U.S.A

Tin City and Marine Market - Naples
Sadie - Floroda, U.S.A

Desert Wildlife
From Nancy - U.S.A

View of Lower Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge
Kyoko - New York, U.S.A

From Maria - U.S.A

The Madison skyline, Wisconsin
From Alexandra - U.S. A
Florida's beach
From Sadie - Florida, U.S.A

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